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Touch4B-Touch for Business-
touch screen and multi-touch solutions manufactured by Woehr


It's all about the combination - or are your products only standards?

Challenging environmental conditions and demands require sophisticated solutions. In many cases, touch screens are increasingly proving to be the ideal solution for control and data input. The closed front is easy to clean and the relevant information and options can be viewed and touched directly on the screen. Additional integrated capacitive single buttons or keypads allow an effective improvement of the touch input.

In other situations, an electro-mechanical switch or a keyboard is absolutely necessary because a certain tactile behavior is required, or an additional capacitive keyboard supports the touchsystem.

Take advantage of our many years’ experience and our broad production range. If you want to, you are invited to visit us in the Northern Black Forest and we will find your solution together.

Our experts can support you to find the best technical solution and the most cost effective combination of components for your required task. We will assist you in a solution-oriented and reliable way.

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It is more than just a standard display:

Standard and custom made products

1. touch technology SoluTouch
2. individual printed glass
3. capazitives keypad or membrane keyboard
4. opening for an electro-mechanical  button or
    capacitive single button capacitive single button
5. printed or backlighted
6. backlighted touch field

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