Custom Input Solutions

Inventive Packaging for Touch Technology

Touch and input solutions tailored for your application. In addition to our standard solutions, we offer completely individualized touch screens and input solutions aligned on your individual needs.


At WÖHR, each project is specially developed and manufactured aligned on the needs of the customer. Possible for your solution is nearly every touch screen size and touch screen technology. Furthermore a mix out of different technologies for your solutions is also possible with us i.e. without any problem we combine your individual touch solution with hardware switching elements and / or capacitive switching buttons.


Nearly everything is possible. Get in touch with us by using the buttons on the top.


WÖHR Gives Your Solution the Last “Touch”

In the following we introduce some already realized projects to you. By doing that we will give you a first impression of where our competencies are and what we can do to make your solution possible.


In terms of input solutions WÖHR is the right partner for you and your project.

  • graphic digital printing UV-based
  • dimensions: 969 x 234 cm
  • use as a kitchen splashback

Manufacturing & processing of 43 "touchscreen with glass sensor
NEW at Wöhr!

The evaluation phase for the process-reliable optical Bonding of 43 "glass sensors for touch screens was made successfully completed. Due to the in-house production of front glasses we are able to provide touchscreens with glass sensors up to 43 "quickly and flexibly to your needs to deliver coordinated. The printing is also individual and for small series affordable thanks to our digital printing or screen printing!

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A musical and visual experience made in the Northern Black Forest

And we can contribute our skills:


Tube amplifier with sophisticated and modern design for
a musical and visual experience. 100% quality from the
Northern Black Forest.

Technical specifications:

  • customer-specifically
  • glass processing:
    glass panels and capacitive touch front panel made of glass
    Screen print with disappearance effect
  • input electronics:
    capacitive buttons
    wheel for volume control
    illumination of the writing
    bluetooth connection

More about glass processing >


More about the projekt VenusodiO >

Immediately available!

WÖHR | Hygiene-protectiv wall made of glass

  • ESG (single-pane safety glass) /
    floatglass clear-sightedness, thermal hardened
  • antibacterial washable
  • hygeinic & clear as glass
  • smooth surface
  • stable standing with MDF-feets
    (black or white)
  • safe communication
  • customized versions on request possible
  • thikness: 6 mm
  • incl. pass-through 250 x 80 mm (9.84 x 3.15 inch)
  • versatile applicable  
  • different sizes possible:
    • size S wide:  600 x height 650 mm
                            (23.62 x 25.59 inch)
    • size S wide:  600 x height 800 mm
                             (23.62 x 31.50 inch)
    • size M wide:  800 x height 650 mm
                             (31.50 x 25.59 inch)
    • size M wide:  800 x height 800 mm
                             (31.50 x 31.50 inch)
    • size L  wide:  1000 x height 650 mm
                              (39.37 x 25.59 inch)
    • size L  wide:  1000 x height 800 mm
                              (39.37 x 31.50 inch)

Antibacterial washable because of the smooth surface. More effective, easy and particular cleaningof the glass
with ethanol or sodiumhypochlorite without demage the glass. The glass has a high access and grip protection.
In spite of the separation through the glassyou can understand and see the people on the oppositeüber.


  • Article number: GHS68796.001
  • Enclosure made of aluminum
  • 352,5 x 277,5 x 69 mm (13.8 x 10.9 x 2.7 inch)
  • Glass 3,0mm one-sided micro-etched and monochrome back-printed
  • Customer-specific versions available on request
  • Data Sheet for download


Enclosure for machine control HMI

Input system made by Wöhr

  • mechanically bent aluminum frame
  • customized glass front
  • capacitive touchscreen
  • tactile glass keys and capacitive individual keys
  • emergency stop button
  • USB port
  • ceiling- or floor mounting

Design study with PCAP screen

  • PCAP screen
  • capacitive and tactile glass keys
  • stainless steel keyboard which can be customized
  • emergency stop button and USB port
  • mechanically processed foot

Capacitive input system:

  • capacitive multi-touch
  • article number: GSD69999.003
  • customised colour back printed
  • wheel / slider
  • closed and machined glass front
  • resistant to acid
  • sensor surfaces can be configured
    individually as button, switches or
    proximity sensor

Back-printed and worked glass for medical device

  • article number: ES60422.001-1c
  • dimensions: 226 x 205,5 mm (8.89 x 8.09 inch)
  • outbreaks beveled
  • 2-colour light closed back printed
  • disappearance effect in the display area
  • touch caps made of one-sided micro-etched float glass 3mm (0.11 inch)
  • incl. key illumination

Input system in lift for advertising and emergency call

  • article number: GHS79622.003
  • dimensions: 460 x 410mm, installation depth 60mm
    (18.11 x 16.14 inch, installation depth 2.36 inch)
  • front panel 3-colour back printed
  • glass 2-colour back printed (by customer request)
  • lighted button
  • 15" display
  • power supply and data processor inboard
  • interfaces ethernet (RJ45) and USB-connector
    (by customer request)


Back-printed and worked glass

  • article number: KAP113038.003-a
  • chemical curing glass
  • thickness 3,0mm + / - 0,2mm
    126,0 x 80,0 + / - 0,5mm
  • matt polished edges,
    chamfer 0,5mm x 45°
  • 3-colour back printed (incl. one field printed with vanish effect)
  • 1x sensor foil for capacitive button


Enclosure system with ready for connection mounted 21,5" display

  • front panel made of zinkor sheet,
    powdered RAL 9010
  • dimensions 566 x 592 x 13,5mm
    (22.2 x 23.3 x 0.5 inch)
  • incl. frontside flush inserted float glass 2mm
    (0.07 inch)
  • incl. ready for connection mounted 21,5" display
  • float glass selektive back printed (RAL 9005 black)


Furthermore, we not only develop and manufacture your custom input system. Under the brand EltroGlas we offer customized technical glasses, which we process according to your requirements.


the brand for technical glasses made by WÖHR

  • article Demo0010 - a glass sample which you can order and view (as a loan)
  • machined and printed front glass made of
    EltroGlas-AG, shows various possibilities
    glass processing such as:
    ground edges, polished or chamfered edges, breakthroughs or the ground recess in the glass for
    a finger guide in the wheel
  • printed in colour with our logo and the respective glass / edge processing


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