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Intuitive operation using touch screens and gestures has become an essential part of our everyday lives. Touch input systems by WÖHR are the first choice for professional applications in industry, science, medicine, and many other fields. They are available as high-quality customer-specific solutions, or as standard modular systems.




Touch sensitive input systems (touch screens) are typically transparent surfaces using a sandwich construction, with the top layer acting as a display depending on the technology used. Touch (PCAP technology) or pressure (resistive technology) are used to conveniently execute common computing functions like operating a mouse, typing on an on-screen keyboard, or using softkey functions. The screen can offer a smart user guidance system, showing only relevant selection options and information. These screens offer added safety especially under extreme conditions, since users don’t need to look away from the screen during operation. In addition, the seamless surface of a touch screen is easy to clean.


Advice from an experienced specialist is helpful when you are looking for the right solution for a specific application – especially when that specialist has experience with a wide range of touch screen technologies like the experts at Wöhr do.

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