Available glasses / glass materials

Front glass in the strength from 1 to 12 mm (0.03 x 0.4 inch)



Glasses with functional surfaces


EltroGlas-AM anti-microbial effective glass

EltroGlas-CD electrically conductive glass



Hardened glasses

EltroGlas-AL aluminium-silicate-hardened glass

EltroGlas-CH chemically hardened glass

EltroGlas-TH thermal hardened glass



Anti-reflective glasses


EltroGlas-AG (one or two sides etched) with different gloss value

EltroGlas-AR (one or both sides) interference-optically anti-reflective glass



Reflecting glasses


EltroGlas-GL float glass
EltroGlas-LI Low-Iron



Plastic glasses


EltroGlas-PMMA acrylic glass (polymethyl methacrylate)

EltroGlas-PC polycarbonate insulting glass