HMI / operating systems

The quality of the human-machine interface (HMI) has a major effect on the error-free operation of devices, systems, and equipment. WÖHR can develop and produce a custom-tailored solution for literally any requirement through dialogue with our customers. The customer always works with the same contact person from start to finish. Thanks to this consistency, our contact persons understand exactly what customers need for their specific application. They can access all of the development and production areas throughout the company.





Finding the right combination of individual components for the specific application is key to ensuring optimal results: Housing / mechanism, keyboard, electronics, touch screen including controller and PC system. Features like the interface technology and printing also need to be adapted to the customer's corporate design. Typically, we are able to deliver complete plug-and-play systems (on customer request).




Our range of services for operating systems includes, in particular:

  • Display installation with WÖHR open frame modules
  • Touch screen installation
  • Glass selection according to international standards (for example regarding glass inclusions)
  • Display selection (ZBD zero bright dot, ZDD zero dark dot, ZPE zero pixel error)
  • Ready to operate software installation
  • Software adjustments to meet customer needs
  • Complete wiring and labelling
  • Installation of EMI boards
  • Integration of peripheral equipment into the system architecture

Why you should entrust your project to us:

  • Everything from a single source, from electronic assembly to device or system
  • Inexpensive modifications of standard components thanks to excellent vertical integration
  • All production areas work hand in hand, avoiding delays and friction
  • Dispatching and managing of purchased parts and external services for large series and small quantities – including interim storage / inventory in house
  • Seamless documentation of model and serial numbers for all orders ensuring traceability back to the bill of materials. (The customer may stipulate the time frame.)
  • Mounting, assembly, and installation for internally produced or customer-provided components in specially marked ESD protected areas.

In addition we offer:

  • shock-/vibration tests
  • EMC-tests
  • testing of IP-protection class
  • CE-certification
  • logistics concepts
  • compliation of handbooks/documentation
  • climatic change tests
  • test of chemical resistance
  • endurance tests
  • specific packaging concepts for safe, worldwide transport