Our service

If you let us develop, produce or finish your products - whether single components or complete assemblies -
you can improve your economic efficiency because you save investments for plants, workforce, know-how and environmental protection. Additionally, your flexibility increases and placing complete orders the time-consuming coordination of different suppliers is omitted.


Among other things the following services make part of our all-round service package:



Consulting and construction
The realisation of customer's wishes regarding functionality, design, quality, safety and costs is as well task of the construction team as the development of new approaches and ideas according to the requirements for a product to be created. We support the customer from the first idea to prototyping and sample production until series maturity with our know-how.


Documentation and after-sales service
You can still order all front panels, enclosures, foil keyboards and input devices have ever been delivered since 1993 at the final delivery status today. If there are old components included we will develop a new one due tu our slogan "form - fit - function". Our products are characterized by long-life availability.


Mounting and assembly
We mount and assembly mechanical and electronic components to assemblies or complete devices and systems. 


Procurement of components
We procure the necessary components for you and proof them according to (specific) requirements. Benefit from our long lasting experience in the assessment of visual characteristics. Especially when it comes to the selection of surfaces, glass panels or displays.


Logistics and packaging
Depending on quality, form and size we package your products carefully and develop suitable packaging concepts that protect from possible damages during the transport and in the further processing.


The perfect transport
In order that your product arrives its destination on time and undamaged we provide all necessary documents
for national and international transport, order a fitting logistic company and track the transport until arrival.
On request we also offer a special delivery service.


Express service
A new product must be brought to market maturity as quickly as possible. We offer a functioning express service, which is unique in this form in this industry, i.e. guaranteed delivery within 5, 10 or 15 working days for all the production areas.